So a recent experience from buying over $1000 of items from B&H Photo and Video in the United States inspired me to make this post. I woke up to the horror of a text message from DHL, saying that I had to pay duties and taxes for the shipment. Huh?

In the last few months, I had ordered from B&H several times. Some orders up to $900. Yet, I had never had this issue. Giving DHL a call made me aware that shipments over AU$1000 in value will have import duties and taxes applied. In my case, 20% extra!

Sure enough, digging around doing some more research, it's true. So my advice, split your orders into multiple, smaller imports all under $1000 Australian Dollars if possible. For B&H, you can split your order if your item is backordered at no additional expense. Even if you do have to pay additional for shipping, it will likely be far less than a 20% import tax and duty fee.

Hope this helps.

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